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A homes foundation can be one of the more expensive elements to reinstate when damaged. That is why many homeowners invest in our due diligence process to better ensure they understand the nature of their foundation, and to be positioned to achieve reinstatement outcomes aligned with the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 and the Building Act 2004.

Our Commitment

If we find missed earthquake damage or non-compliant work to your home’s foundation, we provide you with good information; information necessary to help you get good outcomes.

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Our Process

We use great technology and good processes for assessing slab and ring and pile foundations. Our process is clean, clear and sharp, just like our underfloor images.

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Our Approach

We care about you and your home. We listen and we want to know about your experience. If we refer you to other experts, they are equally ethical and stand by their work.

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Know Your Foundation

Protect your investment, minimise insurance risk, and buy wisely. A foundation can be one of the most expensive elements to reinstate .  By making sure you know a foundations current state, if a disaster strikes, you are in good position to better navigate complex environments. Whilst sometimes out of sight your homes foundation should never be of mind.

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About Canterbury Foundations

The first recognisable New Zealand building standard was introduced as a response to 1931 Napier Earthquake. However, whilst prescriptive, it was not mandatory throughout Aoterora | New Zealand. Christchurch was one of the regions which chose not to introduce NZSS 95:1935. Many Ōtautahi | Christchurch foundations are unique (source).


Reinstatement Standards

New Zealand building code, the EQC Act reinstatement standard, and private insurance reinstatement standards can all be different.

EQC say this about their reinstatement standard:  “All repairs will need to be completed to the standard required under the EQC Act. This means that repairs must replace or reinstate the building to a condition substantially the same as, but not better or more extensive than, its condition when new. Repairs must also comply with any applicable laws.

Vist the EQC website
Vist the EQC website

Know your home

Know about the EQC repair

If you are concerned that EQC missed damage, or an EQC repair has failed, start the process well and with confidence. It is worth investing in our clean crisp and clear imagery for ring and pile foundations (internal and external), have us take levels, and complete a crack map and soundings for a slab foundations.

Know the Current State

If you are  considering buying a home, or wish to be future prepared, then understand what is supporting the home. We provide photographic evidence of the current state, and give you guidance on process if there is evidence of missed earthquake damage, failed EQC repair work, or possible non-building code compliant work.

Know about the Subfloor Bot

(Ring and Pile Foundation)

Our underfloor images are clear, clean and crisp, taken with some of the best bots in New Zealand. But wait, there really is more. Not only do we collect excellent subfloor images, we compare internal and foundation images, our data management processes and image mapping lead the market. Plus, we supply the full set of high quality images. All to better ensure no damage is missed due to low quality data.