Very early post the February 2011 Canterbury earthquake it became apparent to many there were issues related to assessment, scoping and repair of foundations. From around 2014 Underfoot Services worked with EQCfix.NZ, in an attempt to bring awareness to the issues with the EQC Canterbury Managed Repair Programme.

The Underfoot Services team combines the very best of foundation subject matter expertise, best construction practice, practical building experience, works with the HouseStuff project team. We have technical writing and analytical skills, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the insurance process and has a close-up insight of what went wrong for Canterbury.


Coral Macdonald
Office Manager (

Coral Macdonald takes care of all things day to day. She has a good working knowledge of our process and will field calls and manage emails. If she does not know the answer to your query, she will put you in touch with someone who does.

Graeme Cornelius
Foundation Team Lead

Graeme Cornelius is an experienced long time builder and project manager, with an engineering diploma and more years than we can count assessing and determining damage to foundations. Graeme leads our team of builders and foundation subject matter experts. His approach is one integrity and honesty, care and respect for you and your home. Graeme is a Registered Engineering Associate, has a Certificate in Quality Assurance and is a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Mel Bourke

Everything Else

Mel Bourke established EQCfix.NZ, was a member of the Community Reference Group that participated in the Public Inquiry into EQC and the EQC Claimants Reference Group. She works across both Underfoot and HouseStuff with her extensive project and change management experience. Mel can provide guidance on process and put you in touch with the right people based on the nature of your current situation.


EQCfix.NZ was established by a group of concerned homeowners and legal advisors in an attempt to highlight growing concerns about the approach to reinstating Canterbury.  Around 15 large meetings were held at the Transitional Cathedral and 1000’s of hours invested by a range of people to achieve change for Canterbury. Underfoot was a key player in EQCfix.NZ in its formative years. These days the website is supported by donations from supportive organisations, ourselves included.


Mel Bourke established HouseStuff in response to the helping homeowners navigate the Government Support Package by way of providing quality project and risk and quality management services.