A few words from a few of our clients…

Underfoot Services was recommended…

to us by a friend who had used him after the February 2011 Earthquake in Christchurch. We also had extensive damage after those earthquakes and needed to obtain information to present to our insurance company. We needed to obtain information by investigating the damage to our foundations and the floor slab and also our suspended concrete floors upstairs. Underfoot Services are extremely thorough with their testing and engineering work and keep the client fully informed with their work and the results during the process. They also have the ability to outline your problems and the remedial work that is needed in such a way that you do not need to be a qualified engineer to understand.

We totally underestimated the importance of getting advice early relating to our foundations and thanks to Underfoot Services we have now been able to challenge our insurance company findings with factorial information to pursue an outcome that will be in accordance with our insurance policy cover. I would thoroughly recommend Underfoot Services as a very professional company that has the ability to support you through the very difficult process of claiming and tackling the repair work of your most expensive asset – your home.

Trevor Blake

Because of the Canterbury earthquakes…

and my skepticism at being told that I have little damage to my land and foundations, I contacted Underfoot Services. They came and did a site inspection at my residence in Woolston, Christchurch. They found serious flaws by quick observation in the amount of damage compared to what EQC and my insurer had told me in reports. I contracted them to do a full site inspection and the results of this were sobering.

The information will save me a great deal of money on my properties potential resell value and it has enabled me to claim for my full entitlements from my insurer. I have gone from “under cap” to well above. I strongly recommend that anyone in my position consider doing what I did and contact Underfoot Services for their expertise and honest appraisal of damage.

Kent Lewis

We recently had work completed to our property…

and we are writing to thank you for your efforts both in putting the project together and assistance afforded to us in gaining a successful completion to it. Throughout the planning and execution of the work you provided us with guidance and help which we found extremely helpful and we felt that your contribution to the project was of the highest standard and a great help to both of us.

The assurance you were able to convey to us during what was a stressful time, helped in no small degree to minimise the impact of the project upon us and our property. Special thanks for the on-site advice and inspection and your overall involvement in the project. To have such work done naturally causes upheaval to the property and is stressful to property owners. As I had recently undergone heart by-pass surgery it was especially stressful and your attention to the details and ongoing involvement contributed in no small way to minimise this upon myself. We would no hesitation to recommend your services to anyone.

Kevin and Laurel

When cracks in my 100 year old brick building…

started opening, my despair increased as each so called ‘expert’ could only offer me a report or price to ‘explore’ footings. I was assured the repair would be expensive and time consuming. Then Underfoot Services team arrived. Within no time the team had bore sampled soil, confirmed foundation type, identified causes and provided steps to halt the problem. He then outlined not one but a series of options to address it.

Kevin Longley